A historic piece, the first symphony written by an American composer. This is Gottschalk’s greatest work transcribed for one piano. Gottschalk wrote the symphony on the island of Martinique after living in Cuba for several years. I transcribed the second movement for one piano.

Godowsky wrote four Symphonic Metamorphoses on Strauss Waltzes. This is the Mt. Everest of Strauss Waltz arrangements. It is among the 10 most difficult pieces written for the piano and rarely played.

This piece was written in 1905 and dedicated to Leopold Godowsky. Blumenfeld lost the use of his right hand due to illness and wrote this very inspiring piece that has become a landmark in the left hand repertoire.

This is called the Cello Etude and is the seventh etude of the Opus 25 set. This is an example of the genius of Chopin in transforming an etude into a poetic masterpiece.

This is a live performance from Italy of the most famous solo left hand piece in the left hand repertoire. It became so popular that during Scriabin’s lifetime he became known as the left handed Chopin, a title he hated. Scriabin wrote this when he was recovering from a bout with tendonitis after over-practicing for an important piano competition.